What To Expect


Evaluation Stages

Initial Evaluation

During this visit a medical history and physical exam is performed. This visit takes approximately 30 minutes and helps determine if vein imaging is necessary with ultrasound. For patients that have exclusive spider/reticular vein concerns, ultrasound mapping is usually not necessary and surface vein treatment may be initiated that day if desired. If vein ultrasound and mapping is recommended, this can many times be done on the same day or scheduled for another day if needed. If done on the same day expect your total time in the office to be about 90 minutes.

Vein ultrasound and mapping

Venous ultrasound mapping is a critical step to determine the source and extent of venous reflux contributing to the appearance and symptoms you are experiencing. This can be performed on one or both legs depending on your symptoms. Due to the thorough nature of the exam, the ultrasound usually takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Treatment Plan

Once your medical exam and vein imaging is complete, Dr. Eidson will discuss with you all findings and personalized treatment options, including possible risks and benefits, and answer any questions you may have.


If required, prior authorization from your insurance company will be obtained before any treatment is performed and any financial obligation required of you by your insurance will also be discussed with you. Prior authorization from insurance for your treatment can take 3 days to 6 weeks depending on your insurance carrier.

Your recommended/approved treatments are then scheduled along with necessary follow up after.

Follow Up

After treatment, follow up is extremely important as this helps ensure the best possible results from your treatments.

During treatment

Treatment is done in the office using local numbing medicine. Each treatment takes usually 30-60 minutes from start to finish and you are up and walking immediately after. Most patients can even drive themselves home. If you are extremely nervous about treatment, medication can be prescribed to take before treatment but you MUST have a driver.

After treatment

Limitations after treatment are minimal. Compression stockings must be worn after most treatments for 3-5 days after, but only on the leg treated. Pain after treatment is typically minimal. Following up after treatment as scheduled is very important to help ensure the best possible results.

What if I do nothing?

Venous reflux is a progressive disease and does get worse over time. Although it typically will not directly result in death, if left untreated it can greatly affect and diminish quality of life.

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