5 Top Patient Questions


Are treatments covered by insurance?

Yes! Vein treatments are covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare and TriCare plans. We are in network with all of the major insurance plans and several of the local ones. If you aren’t sure if your insurance will cover treatment, give us a call and we can verify your benefits for you.

The exception is spider veins. Spider vein treatments are considered cosmetic and are not covered under insurance.

Do you do vein stripping?

No. Absolutely not! Vein stripping was a painful treatment that required being in a hospital with anywhere from 2-6 weeks of downtime. Treatments are now more advanced, minimally invasive, performed in our office, and typically has little to no down time after treatment.

How did I get these vein problems?

There are many possible causes and sometimes we really do not know why this happened. The most common reasons are: genetics or family history, pregnancy, occupation, standing or sitting for long periods of time, weight fluctuations, and trauma or surgery.

What happens if i don’t go forward with treatment?

Vein Problems are considered chronic and progressive. This means that if this is left unaddressed, the problems will not go away on their own and will gradually get worse. Compression socks and other conservative treatments can help relieve some of the symptoms of vein disease, but will not treat the underlying problem. For example, if you suffer from skin darkening/discoloration on your legs and treatment is postponed, the likelihood of you eventually developing an open skin sore/wound on your leg is high. This is how this disease can progress into more serious problems if treatment is delayed.

I just really hate these spider veins on my legs. Will insurance cover treatment for spider veins?

Unfortunately, 99% of insurance consider spider veins as purely cosmetic and do not cover treatment. Treatment is practically painless and very effective and we have many treatment plan options to help make treatment as affordable as possible.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact our office.

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