5 Top Patient Questions


Will my insurance cover treatment?

Most insurance will cover treatment of venous reflux if the patient meets criteria for medical necessity. Our office will work to get prior authorization for treatment but this is no guarantee of payment by your insurance.

Is the treatment for my veins vein stripping?

No. Vein stripping was a painful treatment that required being in a hospital with anywhere from 2-6 weeks of downtime. Treatment now is extremely minimally invasive, performed in the office, and typically has little to no down time after.

How did I get varicose veins or venous reflux?

There are many possible causes and sometimes we really do not know why this happened. The most common reasons are: genetics or family history, pregnancy, occupation, large weight fluctuations, and trauma or surgery.

Will I need to have treatment over and over again?

Once a vein is treated that vein will never cause problems again. However, venous disease is a progressive condition and new veins and issues can arise years after treatment. This is why follow up with a vein specialist is important so any new issues can be addressed as quickly as possible.

I just really hate these spider veins on my legs. Will insurance cover treatment for spider veins?

Unfortunately, 99% of insurance consider spider veins as purely cosmetic and do not cover treatment. Treatment is practically painless and very effective and we have many treatment plan options to help make treatment as affordable as possible.

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